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UFI研究发现,尽管全球经济增长持续放缓,国际舞台上开放贸易的促进者数量下降,但展览业在2017年仍然会持续增长。 第十八期UFI全球展览业晴雨表调查结果显示,2017年大多数公司的营业额会增长,维持两年相对稳定的营业利润水平。 UFI research has found that, despite an on-going slowdown in global economic growth and a decline in open trade promoters on the international stage, the exhibition industry remains geared for continued growth in 2017. Results of the 18th UFI Global Barometer survey indicate turnover increases for a majority of companies in 2017, following two years of relatively stable levels of operating profit.
♢世界各地的政治格局发展阻碍了乐观情绪,因为被调查的人中有一半希望可以最大限度的限制经济环境对展览会和活动产生的影响 ♢在最重要的商业问题中,展览业内日益激烈的竞争越来越重要 ♢大多数公司都打算开发新的活动来扩大增长 KEY FINDINGS:
♢Positive mood dampened by political developments around the world as half of those polled expect significant or limited economic impact for exhibitions and events ♢Among the most important business issues, rising competition within the exhibition industry gains in importance ♢Large majority of companies globally intend to develop new activities to create growth 这份最新的UFI半年行业调查于2017年1月完成,包括来自54个国家的240家公司的数据。
该研究报告为十个主要市场提供前景展望和数据分析:巴西,中国,德国,意大利,墨西哥,俄罗斯,南非,泰国,英国和美国。此外,还分析了四个聚集区域。 This latest edition of UFI’s biannual industry survey was concluded in January 2017 and includes data from 240 companies in 54 countries.
The study delivers outlooks and analysis on ten major markets: Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, the UK and the US. In addition, four aggregated regional zones have been analysed. 美国,墨西哥,中国和英国的表现高于平均水平。巴西和俄罗斯也于2017年呈现出盈利的积极趋势。然而,在德国和意大利,同期相比2017年在这一阶段比去年更弱。 当被问及近期政治发展(例如英国脱欧公投,土耳其的失败政变,美国总统选举)对国际贸易和展览业可能存在的影响时,全球45%的被观察人认为会对业务产生部分或者重大的负面影响。从国家层面,墨西哥(60%)和美国(54%)的报告对此表示最高的关切程度。
The US, Mexico, China and the UK performed above average. Brazil and Russia also indicate a positive trend in turnover, but for 2017 only. In Germany and Italy however, 2017 appears at this stage weaker than 2016.
When asked about the possible impact of recent major political developments (such as the Brexit vote in the UK, the failed coup in Turkey, and the US presidential elections) on international trade and the exhibition industry, 45 per cent of participants globally anticipate a limited or significant negative impact on business. At country level, Mexico (60 per cent) and the US (54 per cent) report the highest degrees of concern.   相比之下,只有10%的人表示最近的政治发展对业务产生积极影响。平均而言,20%的人预计没有影响,20%-30%的人不确定。UFI全球晴雨表的核心问题是:公司目前面临的“最重要的业务问题”。正如近年来的情况一样,“国家/地区经济状况”和“全球经济不确定性”保持其顶级地位,但两个项目的关注度都比六个月之前略少。相比之下,“来自行业内的竞争”这个问题的重要性排名上升,弥合以前与其他两个重要问题的差距。“数字化的影响”在德国(21%)、中美洲和南美洲大多数国家(20%)具有高度相关性。
    By comparison an average of only one in ten respondents expects recent political developments to have a positive impact on business. On average, 20 per cent anticipate no impact, and 20-30 per cent are unsure. A core question of UFI’s Global Barometer asks for the “most important business issues” companies are currently facing. As has been the case in recent years “State of the national/regional economy” and “Global economic uncertainty” retain their top positions, yet both items receive slightly less attention than six months ago. In contrast, “Competition from within the industry” has seen a measurable rise in importance, closing the previous gap with the other two top issues. “Impact of digitalisation” receives high relevance in Germany (21 per cent) and most countries in Central and South America (20 per cent). 涵盖了全球展览业的战略前景,该晴雨表显示了全球的展览业务活动在持续扩张,无论是公司层面还是在新的地域市场。来自所有地区的绝大多数公司打算扩展展览业活动(场地/组织者/服务)例如现场直播和采用虚拟技术开展新活动。10家公司中有4家公司还宣布有意在新国家开展业务。特别是在英国(70%),美国(67%)和中东(57%)的公司。
Covering the strategic outlook of the global exhibition industry, the barometer shows an ongoing expansion in the industry’s business activities globally, both at companies’ home bases and in new geographical markets. A large majority of companies from all regions intend to develop new activities, either in the classic range of exhibition industry activities (venue/organiser/services), or in other live or virtual events, or in both. An average of four out of 10 companies also declare an intention to develop operations in new countries. This figure is particularly high for companies based in the UK (70 per cent), the US (67 per cent) and the Middle East (57 per cent).   UFI管理总经理Kai Hattendorf表示:“一些经济学家预测,2017年展览业的增长率将超过全球经济增长水平。UFI全球晴雨表显示,确实有全球规模的乐观主义,与此同时,我们行业关键市场的政治发展也值得引起关注,许多人预期这会对展览行业产生负面影响。本研究中的数据表明,组织者,场馆方和服务提供者需要保持灵活性和警觉性。 Kai Hattendorf, UFI managing director, said: “Some economists are predicting that the exhibition industry will outperform the global economy in its growth rate in 2017. The UFI Global Barometer shows that indeed there is cause for optimism on the global scale. At the same time, political developments in key markets for our industry are causing concern, and negative impacts are expected by many. The data in this research underlines the need for organisers, venues and service providers to remain flexible and alert.” 2016年12月进行的第18次全球晴雨表调查涵盖了来自54个国家的240家公司提供的见解。它的发布是AAXO(非洲展览组织协会)和EXSA(南非展览和活动协会),英国AEO(协会活动组织者),中南美洲AFIDA(AsociaciónInternacional de Ferias deAmérica),墨西哥的AMPROFEC(墨西哥亚洲必赢bwin688专业协会),美国的SISO(独立展览会组织者协会),泰国的TEA(泰国展览协会)和巴西的UBRAFE(UniãoBrasileira dos Promotores Feiras)行业协会和组织共同合作的成果。 The 18th Global Barometer survey, conducted in December 2016, covers insights given by 240 companies from 54 countries. It is conducted in collaboration with AAXO (The Association of African Exhibition Organizers) and EXSA (Exhibition and Events Association of Southern Africa) in South Africa, AEO (Association of Event Organisers) in the UK, AFIDA (Asociación Internacional de Ferias de América) for Central and South America, AMPROFEC (Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales de Ferias y Exposiciones y Convenciones) in Mexico, SISO (Society of Independent Show Organizers) in the USA, TEA (Thai Exhibition Association) in Thailand and UBRAFE (União Brasileira dos Promotores Feiras) in Brazil.
The next UFI Global Barometer Survey will be conducted in June 2017. (From: http://www.exhibitionworld.co.uk/2017/02/02/ufis-global-barometer-shows-global-growth-ahead)
目前,我国亚洲必赢bwin688业正在以前所未有的速度逐步与国际接轨,在国家“一带一路”战略规划的驱动下,2017年已成为我国亚洲必赢bwin688业“引进来”和“走出去”的关键之年。 “一带一路”促使越来越多的展览将面向国外,走向世界。在强大的亚洲必赢bwin688行业发展机遇下,单一的传统实物展模式已经不能满足需求。传统亚洲必赢bwin688模式急需趁“一带一路”重大战略的推进,结合互联网+国家战略,带来新的功用和新的发展空间,而掌上世博平台“双线亚洲必赢bwin688”模式正是能够解决传统亚洲必赢bwin688模式痛点、缺点的必由之路。 该模式基于“互联网+”创新为基础,利用大数据、云计算、VR、ZR(再造现实)与信息集成打造的一个数字亚洲必赢bwin688,并形成互联网上的亚洲必赢bwin688产业闭环生态圈和经济圈。其有效实现线下+线上亚洲必赢bwin688的“双线融合”,为展馆方、主办方、承办方、参展商、展装方和观众提供了线上亚洲必赢bwin688整体解决方案和服务。该数字亚洲必赢bwin688模式成功运用到了2015年米兰世博会上,实现了让广大民众足不出户观看世博会的愿望。
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