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 As the last bell of 2014 chimes, a prosperous year of 2015 together with an energetic journey to search the significance in everybody’s life is always the best wish for the 2015. With its new years’ resolution to deliver a best ever food & beverage exhibition in Asia, SIAL China fully prepares itself to greet foodies from all over the world who search the significance in food & beverage business. Visitor pre-registration system is open now. Register and witness the growth of food industry in China for free. The energetic show will take place from 6h - 8th May, 2015 in Shanghai New International Expo Centre, hall W1 - W5, and E1 - E5. SIAL CHINA will also be co-located with SIAL WINE WORLD.
Diverse products from all over the world - more than 1,000 international exhibitors out of China
In 2015, national pavilion of Brazil confirms its attendance in meat hall. Latvia and South Africa will be in the food hall, following by France, Australia, Tunisia, Switzerland, Spain, Morocco, Korea, Portugal, Thailand, USA, Turkey, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Canada and UK. In addition to characteristics products from China, SIAL CHINA will also showcase diverse food & beverage from different countries and regions, including the ginseng and other healthy foods from Korea, tropical fruits from Malaysia, coffee from Indonesia, dairy products from Oceania, tasty meat from Americas, mellow wines from Europe and so forth. Together with the supports from global exhibitors and partners, SIAL CHINA is the true meeting point for Asian food inspiration and business.

As the sharp increase in disposable income, a healthy, balanced and high-quality diet becomes Chinese consumers’ new pursuit. Seizing the growing demands, SIAL CHINA will highlight its green food, organic food and Halal food in 2015 edition. These sectors will not only be the focuses of SIAL CHINA but also the window to view the emerging markets in Asian.
  The rapid growth of meat sector in SIAL CHINA - 2 dedicated halls, 25,000 sqm Ever since SIAL sets its footprint in China, meat has been the major driver of the show. Following the sensational meat area last year, SIAL CHINA this year will once again break the record in terms of meat products and exhibitors. Wagyu beef, American beef, Australian mutton, Chinese poultry and pork, along with other meat from all over the world will all converge at the two dedicated halls, 25,000 sqm. Sizzling meat cooked on site and juicy taste on palate will intertwine and become the amazing wonder of SIAL CHINA.  
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